zondag 14 augustus 2011

Apply for a Model.

Apply for a Model.

Do you want to be a model for Energetic Magazine?
You have to be a FOLLOWER
You must fill up this Questions:
Stardoll Name:
Real name(Could be fake):
Years old:
Screenshot of youre face without make up,juwels etc.
Why you want to be a Energetic Model?:
Do you wanne say something else to me?:

You must answer in Comments
If you are not chosen please i can do nothing for it :(

There will be 13 models chosen.

10 will dressed Energetic.
3 will dressed AMAZING Energetic. (Lets say Final dresses!)
So make shore youre apply is really good :P 

Well that was it :D ..DONT FORGET TO APPLY ;)

For questions you can always Contact me on my Sd page:


Energetic Magezine. NEW

Myn first MAGAZINE.  

Its called Energetic Magazine.

Good name uhu?
But furst i need Pretty models.
Hmm intrested. 

However look what i made for the Magazine: 
Btw thats not by best ghraphic. :P 

I am telling u the Real magazine + Spoiler  will be AMAZING.

It would be so mutch for me if u apply for a model. 

& it also will feel for me great if u posted on youre blog :P

Well if u want to Apply for a model  Look at the post above me. or click on Apply for a Model.

Well i think thats it :P.

Thanks for reading. 

Dear greetz/